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How does the program work?

Once you are approved for the program you will be scheduled an appointment for a briefing. At the briefing appointment, if you bring all required documentation with you, you will be issued a voucher and you may begin looking for a unit right away. Once you have found a suitable unit and you turn in your Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA), an inspection must be scheduled. When the unit has passed final inspection, you will be notified when your lease paperwork is ready to sign and what your portion of rent will be.

Income Limits

Income within eligibility limits (below 50% of median income for Okaloosa County)

FY 2017 Income Limits:

Number of Persons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$23,850 $27,250 $30,650 $34,050 $36,800 $39,500 $42,250 $44,950

How long is my voucher good for?

Voucher expires in 60 days. It is our policy that we are not giving extensions at this time.

How is my rent determined?

The family share of rent shall be calculated based upon the following:

  • 30% of the family’s monthly adjusted income;
  • 10% of the family’s monthly income;
  • Welfare rent: Payments for welfare assistance from a public agency and part of those payments, adjusted in accordance with the actual housing costs of the family, specifically designated by that agency to meet the housing cost of the family (specifically the portion of those payments that is so designated); or
  • Minimum Rent ($50.00 per month).
2017 Payment Standards
0-BR 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR
$683.00 $729.00 $865.00 $1267.00 $1512.00

How is bedroom size determined?

Two heartbeats per bedroom will be the consideration given to families without regard to age or sex of family member.

1 Bedroom voucher = 1-2 people max
2 Bedroom voucher = 3-4 people max
3 Bedroom voucher = 5-6 people max
4 Bedroom voucher = 7-8 people max

Inspections/Housing Quality Standards

Upon initial move-in there will be an initial inspection to determine whether the unit is decent, safe and sanitary according to Housing Quality Standards. A redetermination of the unit’s acceptability will be made at least once a year when you remain on the program.

What is Portability?

Portability is the ability of a family to move from one Housing Authority’s jurisdiction to another location. You must lease in our jurisdiction for at least 12 months before you may port your voucher to another location and we will have to have the funds to send you at that time.

Application Forms

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1441233591_file-pdf CHA Authorization for Release of Information

1441233591_file-pdf HUD Authorization for Release of InformationSKM_C364e17020309530

1441233591_file-pdf Supplement to Application Form

1441233591_file-pdf Personal Declaration

1441233591_file-pdf Utility Allowances



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