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Please click here to submit a Maintenance Request.

After-Hours Emergency Maintenance - call 850.305.1009
$30.00 call-out charge for a non-emergency

Maintenance Emergency List - (24 Hours)

  • Fire in unit - Call 911 first
  • Structural failure. (Ceiling falling down, etc.)
  • Electrical sparks. (Fire hazard)
  • Smoke alarm going off; smoke or fire present. *(not chirping)*
  • Tenant lockout. (Chargeable)
  • No heat - (If temperatures are below 55 degrees)
  • No A/C - (If temperatures are above 80 degrees)
  • Water flooding Unit that cannot be stopped easily by the tenant.
  • No water in the unit at any outlet (evidence of a bigger issue like a broken pipe)
  • Unable to secure door.
  • Only toilet in unit stopped up or sewage back up in the tub.
  • A/C condensate line/closet dripping.**

Non-Emergency - Urgent - 7 Days
To be completed next available work day early:

  • Sink stopped up as long as another sink, kitchen or bath is usable.
  • Refrigerator not cooling.
  • Stove not operating.
  • No hot water.

(**= Senior Area)