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HCV Eligibility Requirements

Income Eligibility 

Income limits are based on total annual household income from all members and are established by HUD annually. The current income limits are listed below:

Persons in Household: 1
Extremely Low Income: $16,350
Very Low Income: $27,300
Low Income: $43,650

Persons in Household: 2
Extremely Low Income: $18,700
Very Low Income: $31,200
Low Income: $49,850

Persons in Household: 3
Extremely Low Income: $21,720
Very Low Income: $35,100
Low Income: $56,100

Persons in Household: 4
Extremely Low Income: $26,200
Very Low Income: $38,950
Low Income: $62,300

Persons in Household: 5
Extremely Low Income: $30,680
Very Low Income: $42,100
Low Income: $67,300

Persons in Household: 6
Extremely Low Income: $35,160
Very Low Income: $45,200
Low Income: $72,300

Persons in Household: 7
Extremely Low Income: $39,640
Very Low Income: $48,300
Low Income: $77,300

Persons in Household: 8
Extremely Low Income: $44,120
Very Low Income: $51,450
Low Income: $82,250

Families with household incomes at or below the "Very Low Income" range are eligible to be placed on the waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Public Housing Program.

Families with household incomes at or below the "Low Income" range are eligible to be placed on the waiting list for the Public Housing Program only. 

Other Eligibility Requirements

The Crestview Housing Authority also requires its applicants to have:

  • No outstanding debt owed to CHA or another Housing Authority.
  • No household members subject to a Lifetime Registration as a Sex Offender.
  • No violation of any family obligation during past participation in the Section 8 program from the last 3 years of the date of termination.
  • No conviction for violent criminal activity or drug-related activity within 5 years prior to the time of eligibility determination, commencing upon completion and disposition of all pending and proposed cases.
  • No misrepresentation of information on which eligibility or tenant rent is established.