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About Us


Our mission at the Crestview Housing Authority is to help improve the quality of life, to provide a safe, sanitary home and a suitable living environment that is affordable to elderly persons, families, and those with special needs consistent with Local, State, and Federal Statutes.

CHA pledges to recognize our residents as the ultimate customer; to design, develop, provide and promote the widest range of housing choices available throughout the City of Crestview; and to administer our programs and manage our housing in the most effective and efficient manner possible by maintaining high-quality standards while extending respect, courtesy, and consideration to our clients at all times.

CHA shall endeavor to go beyond bricks and mortar by providing more than simply a place to live. We will encourage self-sufficiency by building links to social services that will empower our residents to improve and enrich their lives; to create caring communities that foster a sense of pride and partnership between our agency, our residents and the public that we serve.